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Twin AU: Richard Brook phones Jim while he’s rather busy.


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Kill With Me?

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Is this for real? XD



Is this for real? XD

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I love Heath Ledger so much it hurts

Same here.

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sAt the end of Batman: Arkham City. You can clearly see Scarecrow’s hand coming out to grab the Titan container. This is pretty scary for those who follow the Batman comics. Not only will there be a third game, but I just found out it’s called Batman: City of Terror. That means the Scarebeast is…

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Anyone have Arkham characters or a Dr. Crane I can roleplay with? I’ll take OC characters too.

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Stop hurting Crane’s feelings!

reblogging for gifffffff


EXACTLY! Finally someone understands.

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(In Arkham)

(Jane outside of Arkham)

(Jane on a mission?)


Character based on Jane Doe from DC Comics (Arkham Unhinged)/ Played by Amber Heard/ Age: 22


  • Height: 5’8”
  • Weight: 120 lbs
  • Eyes: Green/ Blue
  • Hair: Blonde/ Brown

Brief Bio

        Jane Doe is a cipher. She follows people, watching them, learning their habits and such. This can go on for months or sometimes years. When she feels comfortable with becoming that person, she skins them and attaches the skin to herself (It’s a complicated process). After stealing this person’s identity, she covets their life. Why? Because Jane’s life is empty. 

        As of late, Ms. Doe has escaped the infamous Arkham Asylum. Her actual skin has finally grown in, but no one knows what she really looks like (unless they’re dead, but that doesn’t count). Much like the Joker, Jane’s past is never revealed, though she does like to create stories. Many people think that she has become who she is because she was abused in her past. Others say she snapped and killed her loved ones. Etc. 


  • Very violent/ aggressive at times, but can be very fun. 
  • Has a habit of making “Joker-esque” expressions/ visages. [A habit she picked up from watching him in Arkham (Yes, Heath Ledger’s Joker)]
  • Has a very dark sense of humor 
  • Although she won’t admit it, she avoids/ runs from her past in a way. 
  • Enjoys mocking Dr. Jonathan Crane.

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